Which ice cream machine is good ? Just take a look HOMMY

In recent years, our domestic frozen food producers have become increasingly popular from salty ice-cream to milkshakes, and finally to different sweets, from marshmallow to cheesecake. Now popular ice cream self-service equipment is a hit on the streets.

Ice cream is now on the list of everyone’s favorite sweets when it is hot and dry. Soft waxy cold, sweet, cool and refreshing ice cream will keep people satisfied due to a dose of delicious and refreshing. It is precisely because of the popularity of ice cream with no off-season all year round that ever more investors and entrepreneurs begin to focus their attention on the ice cream industry. Hommy’s robot ice cream maker has won the hearts of the majority of investors. It’s a portable and safe, easy to use intelligent, smart and safe entrepreneurial machine that can be utilized in any town. Hommy’s ice cream maker factory Cream Robot has unparalleled advantages. It can easily move around the city, making money everywhere.

The Hommy Ice-cream machine is accessible throughout the city, offering delicious, fresh healthy desserts while earning an extraordinary income. It stands out among many catering companies. The brand is loved by investors of all kinds.

There are plenty of opportunities for developing vending machines. What is the reason why China’s market hasn’t expanded rapidly in recent years? This survey found that, while the public is optimistic about vending machine market prospects however, not all groups understand the best channels for investing. A few groups also believe that vending machines are too costly and that families of all sizes cannot afford them.

Hommy is a maker of equipment , a modern multi-faceted company that combines the development of food technology and service for sales, specializing in manufacturing all sorts of vending machines used in the market. Welcome our customers to contact us!

Full-line vending is becoming a common feature in large corporations. This type of vending service is usually requested by larger firms with cafeterias. Large companies that have a cafeteria with full-service could also consider having an ice cream machine installed at their facility. The most well-known types of full-line ice cream vending machines are in airports and retail stores.

Additionally, the market of three or four thousand yuan Ice cream machines are extremely popular. This is the standard cost of ice-cream machines in the ice cream machine market. The price for the market of most ice cream machines is generally between three and four thousand dollars. Such ice cream machines have higher capacities and are convenient to use.

Unique frozen ice cream vending machine that is able to sell 36 flavors of ice-cream and has a maximum capacity of 540 products. The Love Machine has a variety of flavors to choose from. The machine is able to be put in anywhere, including the lobby. It is unique in style and is easy to use. It’s available in a variety of colors , and can be customized to reflect your company’s branding.

Hommy’s manufacturing process vending machines for ice cream belongs to the latest technology, however the process is simple the whole process , from selecting your taste, paying and obtaining dessert – takes less than a minute.

Many vending shops with full-line lines offer a variety of Ice cream machines. They sell cookies, candy and milk. Other venders sell ice cream and other merchandise. In Japan, these machines are located in a variety of public areas. They can be found in shopping malls and airports. They can even take Apple Pay and credit cards. They are also set up in hotels. The best thing about an ICE MACHINE is its ability communicate with the machine’s owner.

A vending machine at the university sells 10000 Yuan per month, is able to earn a gross profit ratio of 40%, charges 1000 yuan for equipment depreciation and generates a gross profit of 3000 dollars. In a big company the monthly revenue of a vending machine are approximately one-third that of a school, that is 3300 yuan and the profit can be as high as 1200 yuan. The depreciation expense is only 200 yuan. In contrast, the dealer’s monthly profit can reach 1000 dollars. So, the ratio of profit between the two machines is in essence identical.

Our mission is to add an entirely new idea to the history of ice cream. We combine the latest technology with years of knowledge and specialized methods to preserve the quality standards that have made us famous throughout the world.

The Hommy vending machine has a modern design and is boldly innovative. Hommy is a specialist in food machinery and provides an Ice cream vending machines to different catering establishments. He also handles collection, delivery and installation of the machines. The equipment used for customizing products includes ice makermachines, automatic pizza machine, espresso machine and beverage machines. Contact us today!

How can vending machines assist you in meeting your financial demands? We recommend an online generation mode of operation appropriate for everyone. That is, customers only have to subscribe for products and equipment, and the platform is responsible for the running of vending machines, as well as the platform and its users take part in the profits.